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Leading factory for customized PTFE parts in China

PTFE Machinery Supplier-XinHe

Focused on PTFE industry for more than 15 years

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6 Reasons Why Choose XinHe PTFE?

XinHe PTFE is a company that specializes in PTFE products and processing equipment. The manager is born of technology and is a senior foreign trade clerk. XinHe is determined to provide customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service.

100% Virgin Powder

We only use brand virgin PTFE raw materials to produce products, to ensure the stability of products.

Customized Service

In addition to the regular size, we can customize various PTFE shaped parts, welcome to process.

Primary Source

We work closely with the factory to provide first-hand supply, no middlemen to make the difference.

Senior Technician

The employees of the factory have many years of experience in the PTFE industry, and they have more precise control of product details.

advanced equipment

All machines producing products are imported from Germany, the latest technology guarantees the quality.

Authoritative testing

We will test all finished products to meet the purposes of mechanics, temperature resistance and anti-corrosion.

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Leading manufacturer for PTFE/Teflon tubes, rods, bars, sheets, bushes, and so on.


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Our Main PTFE Products

PTFE tubes, PTFE rods, PTFE sheets,PTFE corrugated hose, PTFE film, ePTFE sealing tape, PTFE gasket, PTFE packing, PTFE lining,PTFE filled tube,etc.

PTFE ram extruder, PTFE paste extruder, PTFE sintering furnace, PTFE moulding machine,etc.

High & Low Temperature Resistance

It can be used for a long time at 190 degrees below zero and 260 degrees above zero

Wear resistance

Because of its wear resistance, it is often made into mechanical parts such as bearings

Resistance to acid & alkali

Because of its acid and alkali resistance, it is often used in the chemical industry. The most commonly used lining for chemical pipelines is ptfe.



Because of its insulating properties, it is often made of wire and cable outer wire.


Excellent lubricity is a general-purpose lubricating powder suitable for various media. It can be quickly applied to form a dry film to be used as a substitute for graphite, molybdenum and other inorganic lubricants.

High filterability

Excellent filtration performance, can be made into PTFE filter bag, used to filter industrial waste gas, can also be used as a filter layer of the mask.

Our Clients

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PTFE products and machines

What our customers say about XinHe

It was a great purchasing experience. Because my product was a customized product, there were a lot of details to communicate with. They were very patient in proofreading my drawings and confirming the details.
We’ve been working together for almost two years.

RobertPurchasing Manager

Their service is very good, timely reply to me to help me answer my doubts.
The after-sales service was also excellent, and I prepared a lot of spare parts in a considerate way, which saved me from searching around in the local area.
Not only provide products, but also teach me a lot of processing skills.