Item name: PTFE Paste Extruder

Type: Vertical Machine

Tube Range: OD from 0.5-70mm

Tube Thk Range: 0.1~3mm

Material Requirement: PTFE dispersion resin

Min. Order: 1 set

Lead Time: 3-4 weeks


This unit is a special equipment used to apply PTFE paste to the wire. It is composed of a mixer, a pre-forming machine, a pushing machine, a sintering furnace, a traction machine, a discharge machine, an outer diameter measuring instrument, and a main control. Cabinet and operation table. Formed according to the structure of the main machine, it is divided into two types: vertical machine and horizontal machine.

The PTFE tube pushing machine is its derivative product, the difference is that the raw material of the main cylinder is pushed from top to bottom.
According to the effective length of the raw material of the charging barrel, there are three specifications: 900, 1200 and 1800. Among them, the 900 and 1200 units are vertical machines, and the 1800 units are horizontal machines. For the position of the main machine, the arrangement of the sintering furnace is divided into two types: upper arrangement (the sintering furnace is arranged above the main machine) and side arrangement (the sintering furnace is arranged on the right side of the main machine). The advantage of the side-by-side arrangement is that it can greatly reduce the height of the workshop house (only seven meters in height), and can add a drying box to accelerate drying and improve production efficiency. The side-layout layout has obvious advantages for the production of large-size wires.

Models We Can offer

Charging barrel900mm1200mm1800mm
Total power5.5kw7.5kw11kw
Extruder motor19T27T35T
Traction motor1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw
Pay-off motor1.1kw1.1kw1.1kw
Receiving motor1.1kw1.1kw1.1kw
Length of sintering furnace13m15m15m
Power of sintering furnace40kw45kw45kw
Production line speed0~20M/min0~20M/min0~20M/min
Unit height11500mm12500mm12000mm
Unit operating platform (off-ground)2300mm2600mm
Unit minimum layout size3400*16003400*160012000*2500
Size of blank and charging barrel (random components)Ø50、Ø35、Ø28 orØ50、Ø35、Ø28 orØ50、Ø35、Ø28 or
Core rod (core rod through hole) size (random assembly)Ø16(Ø6) Ø12(Ø4)Ø16(Ø6) Ø12(Ø4)或20Ø(Ø8)Ø16(Ø6) Ø12(Ø4)或20Ø(Ø8)
Sintering furnace long temperature (400 ℃)<30min<30min<30minØ
Implementation speed (upstream)10~50 mm/min10~50 mm/min10~50 mm/min
Reset speed (downlink)≥500 mm/min≥500 mm/min≥500 mm/min

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