Item name: PTFE  Tube Ram Extruder

Type: Vertical Machine

Tube Range: ID from 5-500mm

Material Requirement: Re-sintered PTFE Powder

Min. Order: 1 set

Lead Time: 3-4 weeks


PTFE(polytetrafluoroethy) is commonly known as PTFE, Teflon and Plastic King. The Teflon extruder is a machine that specializes in extruding PTFE (UHMWPE) tubes. Through a series of processes such as extrusion, heating, and cooling, the pre-sintered PTFE powder raw materials are processed by ram tube extruder to PTFE tubes that meet various specifications. Affected by related factors such as use, specifications, ingredients, user requirements, etc. XinHe can design and introduce PTFE tube machines of different specifications. The polytetrafluoroethylene (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene)products mad by ram tube extruder are widely used in chemical, medical, aerospace, mechanical processing, heat exchange and other fields.

Models We Can offer

Machine ModelXHG15XHG22XHG72
Process                   Vertical Ram Extruder
Power KW(Electric Motor)15kw22kw72kw
Size Range OD20-150mm150-300mm300-500mm
THK Tolerance0.1-0.2mm0.1-0.2mm0.1-0.2mm
OD Tolerance0.1-0.5mm0.5-2mm3mm
Extruded Tube Length           Continue extrude with unlimited length
Output Per Hour  Meter2-32-32-3
Voltage/ PH/Hz380V 50Hz 3P380V 50Hz 3P380V 50Hz 3P
MoldThe mold size is customized according to customer specifications. The complete mold set includes the mold body, extrusion head, connection flange, a complete set of high-temperature heating rings, a complete set of sensors, a cooling water jacket system, and the high-temperature connection line, mold and product support.The surface finish is specially treated to be smooth, durable, and corrosion resistant. The thickness of the insulation cotton is more than 5mm, and the heating thickness is more than 10mm.


1. Through continuous improvement,the equipment is smarter, more stable and more efficient.
2. The equipment is controlled by PLC system, and operated automatically with simple operation.
3. With diverse design, the equipment can meet the different needs of users, and be customized for customers.
4. The equipment runs stably for a long time,with lower noise. And reduces costs by saving power and energy during pressure maintenance.
5. Equipment and molds are made by special technology, corrosion resistance, durable and with long service life.
6. The equipment design is simple and takes up little space.
7. Extruded products have superior performance in terms of density and tensile strength.
8. PTFE ram tube extruder can continuously push tube and the tube can be cut according to the requirements.
9. Provide a complete mold system, which includes a full set of corresponding accessories, heating and sintering system, cooling system, temperature controller, etc.

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